Features of AMD 754 Motherboard Drivers

AMD 462 motherboard is one of the predecessors of AMD 754 motherboard driver. The former one which was launched in the year 2003 was replaced by AMD 754 with the increase in customer demand for 64 bit processors.

Since the AMD 754 socket version is the latest one,Features of AMD 754 Motherboard Drivers Articles as usual it exhibits some advanced features with high compatibility.The socket type is what that determines which all processors are supported by the specific motherboard driver. The AMD 754 Motherboard is preferred by most people due to its affordable price. It is rated as one of the best motherboards that work worth the investment. Some of the Athlon and Turion series processors are supported by the motherboard.Apart from the common features similar to that in old versions, mobile computing is what that made the 754 socket series a big hit in the technical market. Some other features that makes the motherboard driver outstanding is the dual capability of the driver to support both the single channel as well as the hyper transmission, that too with a higher speed of 800MHz.Even though the socket 939 motherboard is launched later to that of the socket 754, the AMD 754 motherboard driver is most cost effective. Due to its broad applications in mobile computing, most of the users shifted to socket s1. But the AMD 754 socket was not lucky enough to stay in the market for a longer period of time. It became outdated by the year 2006.AMD 754 motherboard driver was put under technical expansion and new series that supports dual channels with greater speed and bandwidth are introduced now. However, still the history proves that AMD 754 socket was the world’s first motherboard to introduce mobile computing at that time. People demand for new technology and hence it became old version.

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